Visiting places near by the Old Town

In the morning, the team headed to some famous places near by the Old Town. We went to the tourism service office to get information about the Underground route but the tour service is available in the afternoon only in this season. We got all the information need in the Tourism Office. We got maps, directions and recommendations. All materials and souvenirs were available in several languages.

IMG_20150311_061508954We have visited the Cathedral. It is incredible! A beautiful church!


Then we tried a small Jesuit church. It was closed but a gentleman inside saw us at the door and invited us to enter. A father walks us through the church and then I saw a beautiful pipe organ and I asked if the organ is still working. He said, yes it is working. Would you like to try? I said yes, for sure. I would love to try and then I had my first experience in playing a real pipe organ in Lublin. It was amazing!


We also visited the Trinitrarian Tower  near by the Cathedral. Great view of the City. A must view place to go.





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