LA Agile CoE in India running several Lean2Agile Workshops

Hello Everyone!

From 11/01/2017 to 11/10/2017, I had a great opportunity to be in India with some great colleagues from other geographies in running a series of train the trainer Lean2Agile workshops. The program is focused on client process improvements that transitions application development and maintenance teams to higher levels of effectiveness through Lean analysis and Agile practice adoption.

This was a hands-on event, where Agile Coaches got trained to lead Lean2Agile workshops with real account teams identifying pain points, performing lean analysis, and developing actionable plans to implement process improvements through agile best practices. In a nutshell, it aims for the following:

  • Simplifies the use of LEAN and Agile practices establishes a Lean mindset as teams become self-organizing – driving incremental value.
  • Applicable for Application Managed Services, Agile Software Delivery, and Product Management.
  • Target business processes with Lean Analysis, develop solutions leveraging design thinking, and accelerate the delivery of value through Agile practice adoption.


Take care! Raf!


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