Smart Lublin App

There is  a smartLublin application useful to get to know some of the things going on in the city, as well as transportation options. Unfortunately we found out about this application a couple of days ago. The app is also available in english! Thumbs up!


You can download it via Google Play and ITunes


Lublin’s Underground Route

Today we went to the Underground Route. For locals this place is very know but for us the expectations were high and we waited for an English tour at 02:00 PM.



The history behind the underground route is interesting. Per my understanding from the tour guide most of the underground paths were built to keep and storage goods. We were presented to some small models in explaining the history of Lublin.

After we went to a very quick walking underground and then we reached a small animated theater that shows the history of Lublin’s fire. My impression was that this is a very important milestone on Lublin’s history and there was no translation from Polish. I was expecting more walking under the City.

Homo Faber Meeting

Home Faber is a NGOs that operates in the area of Lublin and Lublin Province in toward of human rights. The organization’s main interest is the relation between an individual and the authorities.

We had such a great time talking about their programs as well collecting information that would help our team to create our reports.

At this moment Homo Faber is working in 3 main fronts:

1# Integration program that is aimed to foreigners specially students from Ukraine as they are the biggest group but it if open for everybody. They also support immigrant if they need support to deal with local authorities locally.

2# Movie festival: Documentary movies festival about human rights.

3# Lublin Zpetany: podcasts about Lublin’s history of Lublin covering important people from Lublin, culture subjects and Lublin for a beginner.

They are also behind the “Welcome to Lublin” informative page (  which is a great tool for foreigners. The tool is available at the Residents Affairs Office – Foreigners Help Desk.

Homo Faber was also responsible for the implementation of a “First My Street” ( .

You can find further information about Homo Faber here ( It is always wonderful when you find people working hard to help other people. Keep it up Home Faber Team and thanks Piotr for your time!


Great Impression!

By Latika Raiana: Waiting outside the Lublin Tower for our colleague to come down, we were pleasantly greeted by a stranger asking us if we were waiting for the tower to open. Upon seeing some foreigners, she meant to help with information if we needed.


A local Lubnier coming forward to help by herself… Indeed a very warm gesture! ThumbsUp!!!

Thankyou Annieska!!! ( We hope we got the spelling right). We surely intend to meet you again at your Flower Shop.. :-)

Resident Affairs and Foreigner Help Desk, Students & Immigrants representatives

From March 11th to 13th we have been on meetings with the Resident Affairs and Foreigner Help Desk, Students and Immigrants representatives. Basically we ran through several topics about Lublin’s Universities, careers and what have get their attention in Lublin for a place to study and live. Nice time with all of them!





Lublin Institute of Technology

In the afternoon we went to Lublin Institute of Technology.  We met Prof. Dariusz Czerwinski, the Head of the Institute of Computer Science and he guided us through the new laboratories where students are able to gain practical knowledge and practice.



We had the opportunity to see the lines of research and the possibilities of cooperation like human motion acquisition, bioinformatics, 3D scanning and model analysis, steganography, eye tracking among others.

After that we met with the students in the auditorium to talk about our careers as well about the university, jobs, innovation programs and leadership.