Urban Highline Festival

Please check out this awesome video making in Lublin. It is about the Urban Highline Festival 2013.


Resident Affairs and Foreigner Help Desk, Students & Immigrants representatives

From March 11th to 13th we have been on meetings with the Resident Affairs and Foreigner Help Desk, Students and Immigrants representatives. Basically we ran through several topics about Lublin's Universities, careers and what have get their attention in Lublin for a place to study and live. Nice time with all of them!

Visiting places near by the Old Town

In the morning, the team headed to some famous places near by the Old Town. We went to the tourism service office to get information about the Underground route but the tour service is available in the afternoon only in this season. We got all the information need in the Tourism Office. We got maps,... Continue Reading →

Bus Transportation System

By March, 8th I had my first experience in using Lublin transportation. It seems most of the central bus stations have an electronic plaque informing the bus's schedules as well estimate time to arrival. Great! I was amazed with the ticket system too. The ticket buy machine looks very informative and the validation machine inside... Continue Reading →

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